Quail Hunt + Carlos Casanova
Quail Hunt + Carlos Casanova
Quail Hunt + Carlos Casanova
Quail Hunt + Carlos Casanova

Quail Hunt + Carlos Casanova

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Our Quail Hunt Trio includes Carlos Casanova’s famous BBQ and a complimentary Yeti Cooler filled with Mamitas during your stay and is the ultimate experience for your loved ones. This all-inclusive bundle features three quail hunts, new accommodations, chef-prepared meals, beverages, an evening bar, expert guides, trained dogs, transportation, bird cleaning with vacuum packaging, plus unrestricted access to a 1,000-yard rifle range, pistol range, and skeet range.

From November 1st through December 31st

8-10 People |  2 Nights/3 Days 

* Please note that license fees and gratuities for guides and the chef are NOT included but are greatly appreciated. We have a taxidermist and meat processor available on-site to take care of your trophy and ensure it is safely transported home to you. However, please note that taxidermy and meat processing fees are NOT included. 


  • Modern Gun Cleaning + Shells
  • All hunts will include clay shooting 
  • Ability to test out different firearms
  • New lodging for all 2024 hunts

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Texas | New Mexico

Escondido Hunting

Escondido Hunting is here to serve the modern outdoor enthusiast. Spanning 50,000 acres across ranches located in South Texas and New Mexico, Escondido is home to world-class game including White Tail Trophy Bucks, Elk, and a number of exotics such as Axis Deer and Blackbuck.

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In booking an Escondido Hunting Package, guests can not only expect world-class hunting but are met with one-of-a-kind facilities, unmatched privacy, and premium accommodations. We complete each package with all-inclusive luxuries such as a private chef, on-site processing and taxidermy, and seasoned private guides.

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