The Hunt

Offering luxury hunting excursions and premiere hunting gear and accessories, Escondido Hunting is here to serve the modern outdoor enthusiast. Spanning 50,000 acres across ranches located in South Texas and New Mexico, Escondido is home to world-class game including White Tail Trophy Bucks, Elk, and a number of exotics such as Axis Deer and Blackbuck. We pride ourselves on offering our guests a truly unparalleled experience.

In booking an Escondido Hunting Package, guests can not only expect world-class hunting but are met with one-of-a-kind facilities, unmatched privacy, and premium accommodations. We complete each package with all-inclusive luxuries such as a private chef, on-site processing and taxidermy, and seasoned private guides. This exclusivity and sophistication have become synonymous with our name, as does the sense of camaraderie we share with our guests. We take great pride in the relationships that we’ve developed over the years. It is the quality of experience and service that have turned our clients into lifelong friends who return season after season, knowing we deliver nothing short of the best that our rich Southwestern land has to offer. So show up, shoot straight, have a good time, and be comforted knowing we’ve got the rest!

The land

Escondido was founded in 1996 by Tilden native, Leo Quintanilla, fondly known as the ‘South Texas King.’ A philanthropist and conservationist, Leo has always held a deep passion for our natural resources and is considered one of the great stewards of land conservation in South Texas and beyond. Now a landowner of over 50,000 acres in South Texas and New Mexico, Leo is committed to serving the land and takes great pride knowing that his ranches are still family-run and operated to this day.

We Prioritize Wilderness Conservation

We operate under a land-first policy. We know that catering to our land using the top land management practices produces better environments for our game to thrive. It is this commitment to conserving our ecosystems that validates Escondido Hunting as one of the premier game-hunting ranches of both South Texas and New Mexico. We determine our hunting limits seasonally, based on close observation of that particular year’s unique conditions. In committing to this practice, we ensure there is an optimal number of animals on each of our ranches for both land and mammals to flourish season after season.

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